Ideal for electrical applications

VHR-115 is ideal for electrical applications

U.L. File Number E-31556(M). A substitute for vulcanized fibers with lower water absorption, VHR-115 is widely used in electrical and gasket applications, motor lamination and lighting fixtures. An excellent fishpaper replacement.

Electrical insulation supplier Windsor Stevens’ VHR-115 is a dense, rigid material produced in multi-ply construction from unbleached kraft pulp and acrylic polymer.  It has excellent dielectric and mechanical strengths, low water absorption and is free of conducting particles, chemical impurities and foreign matter.  Its chemical cleanliness accounts for its excellent aging characteristics in air up to 115°C.

Windsor Stevens VHR-115 can be used in numerous coil, transformer, motor, electrical hardware and electronic applications where excellent dielectric and physical strengths are required.

Windsor Stevens VHR-115 is approved by Underwriters Laboratories reference E-31556(M) electrical use at 115°C and mechanical at 110°C.

Windsor Stevens VHR-115 is available in sheets, strips, mill rolls and slit rolls in thicknesses from .010” to .062”.


 Fiber Content  100% Unbleached Kraft Wood Pulp
 Ash Content (Max.)  .75%
 pH Water Extract  6.5 – 7.5
 Moisture Content  7.0% Avg.
 Water Absorption % change in wgt. 24 hrs max  2 hours 50% 24 hours 60%
 Standard Thickness, ± 7% Inches .010 .015 .020 .025 .031 .062
 Apparent Density, (Air Dry), ± 7% g/cc 1.05 1.05 1.05 1.05 1.05 1.05
 Weight, (Air Dry), ± 7% lbs./sq. ft. .054 .082 .109 .136 .169 .338
 Dielectric Strength, (Avg.) grams AC, 25˚C Volts/mil 250 250 250 250 250 250
 Tensile Strength, (Avg.) MD lbs./In. 200 305 425 540 660  
CMD lbs./In. 35 60 75 95 110  
 Burst Strength, (Avg.) lbs./sq. in. 150 250 375 460 550 900
 Tear Strength, (Avg.) grams MD 255 450 615 830 950  
CMD 425 740 900 1000 1000+  

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