Flame Retardant Specialty Fiberboard

Flame Retardant Specialty Fiberboard

UL Flame Class 94 V-0 and electrical insulation properties, Windsor Stevens E-FR is for that application where Nomex may not be required. U.L. File number E-31556(M).

Windsor Steven’s E-FR is an Underwriter’s Laboratories approved flame retardant specialty fiberboard, multi-ply constructed from unbleached Kraft pulp. The UL 94 Flammability Classification is 94V-0.

E-FR has good mechanical strength, punchability and foldability.

E-FR is available in sheets, strips, rolls and slit coils in thicknesses from .010” and above.

 Fiber Content 100% Unbleached Kraft Wood Pulp
 Moisture Content 7.0% Avg.
 Standard Thickness, ± 7%Inches.
 Apparent Density, (Air Dry), ± 7%g/cc1.
 Weight, (Air Dry), ± 7%lbs./sq. ft..
 Tensile Strength, (Avg.)MD lbs./In.140250340370550
CMD lbs./In.356090105110
 Burst Strength, (Avg.)lbs./sq. in.110170250300475
 Tear Strength, (Avg.) gramsMD215380600800800
 Dielectric Strength, Air, AC, 25˚C-50% RHtotal volts20003000400050006000
 Dielectric Strength, Air, AC, 24 hrs-95% RHtotal volts1600185025003000 

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