Ideal For Barrier Insulation, Electrical Applications

Ideal For Barrier Insulation, Electrical Applications

Ragtex is cotton rag and Kraft combination for electrical insulation. Laminate for motor slot, electrical hardware and transformer insulation as well as gasketry. It works excellently as a laminate with mylar and other plastic materials.

Windsor Stevens Ragtex is a dense, rigid material produced in multi-ply construction from a blend of unbleached Kraft pulp and cotton rag fibers. Ragtex is free of conducting particles, chemical impurities and foreign matter. Ragtex has excellent dielectric and mechanical strength with excellent formability.

Electrical insulation supplier Windsor Stevens’ Ragtex can be used in transformer insulation, barrier insulation, appliances, electrical hardware, gaskets and slot insulation.


 Fiber Content 50% Kraft Pulp
 Cotton Rag Fiber 50% Cotton Rag Fibers
 Ash Content (Max.) .75%
 pH Water Extract 6.0 – 7.5
 Moisture Content 7.0% Avg.
 Standard Thickness, ± 7%Inches.
 Apparent Density, (Air Dry) ± 7%g/cc1.
 Weight, (Air Dry) ± 7%lbs./sq. ft..028.038 .
 Tensile Strength, (Avg.)MD lbs./.in.75135 195340500700
 Burst Strength, (Avg.)lbs./sq. in.90120185320440580
 Tear Strength, (Avg.) gramsMD1501802704756501000
 Dielectic Strength, Air, AC, 25˚C (Avg.) ± 7%volts/mil275275275275275275

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