Aramid Papers

Aramid Papers

Aramid papers have applications in a broad spectrum of industries which include electrical engineering, defense, aerospace, specialty papers, and elastomers. The applications in electrical engineering include armature slot insulation, wire wrap phase insulator, wedges, lead insulators, end laminates, bushings, and coil wrappers. Growing electrical and electronic industry across the globe is expected to have a positive impact on the overall aramid papers market.

The aramid papers are resistant to acids, alkalis, fluorocarbon refrigerants, transformer oils, and silicones. Alcohols, toluene, ketones, xylene, acetone slightly cause swelling effect on aramid paper, but these can be avoided by removing the solvents. Aramid paper impregnated with mineral oil performs better than kraft paper. These properties have prompted an increase in demand of aramid paper in the electronics industry.

Aramid paper applications in defense include ballistic protection, bulletproof vests, helmets vehicles, and protective clothing. Government regulations supporting the usage of the safety of defense personnel are expected to benefit the consumption of aramid paper in the industry.

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