Flame Retardant Kraft Pulp Electrical Insulation

Flame Retardant Kraft Pulp Electrical Insulation

Fire Retardant- U.L. File number E-31556(M). UL Flame Class 94 V-0. A secondary electrical insulation for fire resistant applications. Used in microwave ovens, appliances, televisions, copiers, smoke and fire alarms, computer filter frames, and more. Useful where safety and fire retardancy are important.

Windsor Stevens’ FRP is an Underwriter’s Laboratories approved flame retardent board, multi-ply constructed from unbleached Kraft pulp. The UL 94 Flammability Classification is 94V-0.

Windsor Stevens FRP has good mechanical strength, punchability and foldability.

Windsor Stevens FRP is available in sheets, strips, rolls and slit coils in thicknesses from .010” to .062”. Above .062” available only in sheets and strips.


 Fiber Content  100% Unbleached Kraft Wood Pulp
 Moisture Content  7.0% Avg.
 Standard Thickness, ± 7%Inches.
 Apparent Density, (Air Dry), ± 7%g/cc1.
 Weight, (Air Dry), ± 7%lbs./sq. ft..
 Tensile Strength, (Avg.)MD lbs./In.190285390470550
CMD lbs./In.35607595110
 Burst Strength, (Avg.)lbs./sq. in.135245310390460
 Tear Strength, (Avg.) gramsMD215380520700800

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