Electrical Insulations / Specialty Fiberboards

Windsor Stevens electrical insulations and specialty fiberboards are low-cost, and high-strength with excellent punchability and foldability. A terrific alternative to fishpaper. Use in a variety of applications: electrical, mechanical and automotive.

Windsor Stevens is strategically located near Bradley International Airport and Interstate 91, poised to deliver electrical barrier insulation and flame-retardant insulation fiberboards to customers across the United States and around the world. Windsor Stevens is a company that prides itself on offering superior service and maintaining a reputation of quality in the engineering community. Windsor Stevens’ electrical and coil insulation, transformer wraps, specialty papers, and gasket materials are used in a variety of industries, including lighting fixtures, automotive products, transformers and small appliances.

Windsor Stevens manufactures quality electrical insulation and fiberboard delivered reliably and at a reasonable price. Customers can rely on Windsor Stevens’ years of experience and expect expert help with any insulating requirements. As a customer-oriented company, Windsor Stevens can process “Rush Orders” in a few days’ time and our minimum order size requirement is much lower than the competition. The goal here at Windsor Stevens is always to become our customer’s partner.


Principals: Vincent Sica, Ralph Tropeano
Administrative Assistant: Dori Fairbairn

The management team at Windsor Stevens brings a combined total that exceeds 50 years of experience in the paper industry, including manufacturing, sales, installation and customer support. Windsor Stevens management encourages efficiency and the ability to adapt, which has contributed to the company’s continued success.


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